Genesis Schools

We have three alternative schools operating across Vancouver – Genesis North East, Genesis Central and Genesis South. All three have been designated as vocational learning centres. They all serve youth aged 16-19.

Why we do it...

Our aim is to help each youth reconnect to school and to the community.

How we work...

Through individualized, student driven and self-paced programming we are able to meet the academic, personal and social needs of each student.

Who we work with...

Genesis is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and is delivered in partnership with the Vancouver School Board.

What we do…

We provide students with a flexible learning environment that encourages them to identify and pursue educational and vocational goals. A teacher from the Vancouver School Board provides the educational component. A PLEA youth worker supports students to engage in academic learning, life skills training and recreational activities.The support provided by the youth worker is also available after regular school hours and during the summer. Vocational opportunities, such as our Yardworks program, are also explored during these times.

How to Access

We accept referrals from probation officers and social workers working for the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Simply call: 604.363.0046

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