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Given the right support,
every person can grow and thrive.

Through unique services tailored to individual strengths
and needs, PLEA helps children, youth, adults and families
who face significant challenges lead fulfilling lives within
their communities.

About Plea

Caregivers Wanted

If you are willing to open your heart and your home to a
youth or adult in need then we want to hear from you.

Youth Caregiving

This role is about providing a safe,
nurturing home to a youth in need,
giving them a sense of belonging and
assisting them to be more successful.

Adult Caregiving

We’re looking for individuals willing to
share their own home with adults who,
due to complex challenges and health
conditions, cannot live on their own.

Respite Work

Working directly for our family
caregivers this role is about providing
short-term and/or overnight coverage
in their home when they can't be there.

Looking to Volunteer?

Spend a few hours a week with a child or youth in need.
If you are over 19, prepared to accept a young person unconditionally, gifted with common sense, a sense of fun and a positive attitude join our KidStart team and share the wonderful experience of helping a child or teen grow and thrive.


Mentoring for children and youth
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