Lighthouse is a four-bed family care home for youth aged 15-18 who are in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development. It is designed especially for those facing significant behavioural and developmental challenges, and for those who have had limited success in other residential settings.

Why we do it...

Our aim is to ensure each youth is equipped to live their lives as independently and as successfully as possible.

How we work...

We tailor the services we provide according to each youth’s individual strengths, needs, circumstances and goals. Our approach is inclusive, holistic and trauma-informed. We work hard to develop trusting relationships and use these to model and reinforce positive, pro-social attitudes and behaviours, believing that all of us are influenced by, and are most ready to learn from, those we trust and respect.

Where we do it...

Lighthouse is located in Maple Ridge

What we do…

We provide each youth with a safe, nurturing family home coupled with the guidance and support of a 24 hour staff team. Youth stay with us for between 6-24 months, or longer with MCFD approval. Placements are made on a planned basis. While youth are with us, we support them to:

  • learn and develop their life-skills
  • make good decisions despite challenging circumstances
  • make appropriate family, community and cultural connections
    positively engage with peers
  • engage in school or work programs
  • participate in physical, recreational or vocational activities
  • access other services such as medical, dental and counselling
  • understand, navigate and access adult services
How to Access

We accept referrals from professionals working in the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).

To make a referral, MCFD professionals should contact the MCFD PLEA Liaison Resource Worker at 604 520 2940.

Other professionals should contact us at 604 616 1057.

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