Offer Work Experience

We are always looking for employers who can provide the youth and adults we serve with valuable work experience.  The terms of each placement vary according to the strengths, needs and circumstances of both the program participant and the employer to whom they are matched.  However, on average a placement is between 16-35 hours per week for 10-20 weeks.

Who we’re looking for…

It is important to us that our program participants are provided with work experience that is in line with their career aspirations.  We are therefore looking for employers from all industries.  At present we have program participants working in construction, warehousing, retail and hospitality to name just a few. 

How does it work…

First check that you and your business are able to: 

  • agree to abide by PLEA’s policies
  • have someone 19 years or older at work and on site whenever the youth is
  • be open and sensitive to cultural diversity
  • be capable of being a positive role model

Depending on the employment program a criminal record check may also be required.

Once you are assigned to a program participant we ask that you provide each youth with a thorough orientation, to supervise the youth as they would any other employee, and to model the attitudes, values and behaviours expected in the workplace.  We also ask that you report the partcipant’s progress to their PLEA worker.

Is there anything else I need to know?

In order to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the youth and adults we serve we do not disclose their life circumstances and challenges to our employers.  As trust develops you may find that they disclose certain details themselves.  When and if this happens we will be on hand to provide help and guidance if you need it. 

OK, I’m in.  Sign me up!

All businesses wanting to provide a youth or adult with work experience are invited to contact the team in their area. 

  • Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows – T: 604.476.2020
  • Tri-Cities – T: 604.939.9229
  • Vancouver – T: 236 688 4851 or 236 688 4989
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