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What’s new is the introduction of a BHAG, something which we can all work towards as a collective. The aim of a BHAG is to ensure the agency is in a strong position to support us in our work, so we can bring our best to those we serve.  What is also new are the 5 values which have been defined to guide our actions, behaviours and decision-making going forward. What’s great about these values is that they match the ‘heart’ of what and how we do our work.

BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal)

PLEA is recognized as a leading child, youth, and adult social services agency in Canada.


Everyone has the opportunity for a good life, and everyone counts.


Through unique services, tailored to individual strengths and needs, PLEA helps children, youth,
adults and families who face significant challenges lead fulfilling lives.

Values (How we act)

Purpose-Driven (everything we do gets us closer to our vision)
Quality-Focused (we’re committed to doing our best, always)
Bold & Inspiring (we find what works and we make it happen)
Resilient (we don’t give up when it gets hard)
Innovative (we find creative solutions to help others succeed)

Philosophies (Our beliefs)

  • Relationships based on mutual trust and respect are powerful.
  • Every person has the capability to learn and grow.
  • Outcomes are better when we focus on strengths, not deficits.
  • Successful services are individualized, client-centred, inclusive, holistic and anchored in reality.
  • Strong programs are evidence-based, trauma-informed and rooted in resiliency-theory.
  • Skilled, talented and accountable people, working together, are key to what we do.

Tag Line

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