Research Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in conducting research at PLEA.  All research related requests are reviewed by our Research Committee to ensure that they align with research and privacy related requirements in provincial and federal legislation.  Please note that requests for program information do not fall into our definition of ‘research’ and therefore do not require our review.  Instead, you might find what you are looking for here.  If not, please contact us at [email protected].

What we need

To support your proposal for research we require the following:

  • A copy of your ethics approval. You must notify us if you have been approved to use deception.
  • Your consent to participate forms which must include limits to confidentiality and details on how you intend to store confidential information . These forms must use language that is accessible to those who will be involved in the research.  If youth are involved a Grade 5 reading level is suggested.  Websites such as  can be helpful in assessing this.
  • Details on how you plan to obtain consent from any participant under 16 years of age (if applicable) .
  • The questions that you intend to ask those participating in the research.
  • Timelines for completion of the research.
  • Information on debriefing procedures if the research project has the potential to create emotional discomfort.

Please submit the above noted information to [email protected].  We also request that if your project is approved that you send a copy of your final report to PLEA once your research project is complete. 


 It takes approximately 2-4 weeks to review a research proposal.  During this time you may be asked to provide additional information to help us in our decision making.  You will be informed once a decision is made about PLEA’s participation in the project. 

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