Next Step

Next Step is for youth aged 13-18 who are in the care of the Ministry for Children and Family Development and who require short-term specialized residential care.

How we work...

We tailor the services we provide according to each youth's individual strengths, needs, circumstances and goals. Youth are encouraged to establish their own goals and to participate in developing their service and safety plans. When it is consistent with the goals of the youth, supporting them to find meaningful ways to connect with their culture, their family, other important people in their lives and their home community is also an ongoing expectation.

Why we do it...

Our aim is to teach and model problem-solving skills to each youth. And, by doing so, help them achieve a sense of autonomy, optimism and purpose.

Where we do it...

This program is available in Vancouver.


We provide each youth with a safe, nurturing, staff-supported family home coupled with the one-to-one support of a youth worker.  We coordinate a variety of other resources including:

  • medical and dental
  • educational
  • psychological
  • counselling
  • cultural
  • recreational and vocational
  • life-skills

Placements are typically 6-12 months in duration.  An emergency call service is also available 24/7.

How to Access

This program has capacity for 2 youth.  We accept referrals from MCFD professionals working with Vancouver Coastal Health.  To make a referral, call: 604 714 3771, ext 2318.

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