Youth Detox

Detox is a free, confidential, voluntary support service for young people aged 13-21 whose substance use is problematic.

Why we do it...

Our aim is to provide each youth with the break they need from using alcohol and drugs, and time to evaluate their life and goals in a supportive environment.

How we work...

Services are tailored to each youth’s strengths, needs and circumstances. Youth are encouraged to establish their own goals and to participate in developing their service and safety plans.

Where we do it...

Our detox services are delivered in the Lower Mainland.

What we do…

We provide non-medical detox services. Each youth lives with one of our trained Family Caregivers in their home for up to 10 days and is connected to a one-to-one youth worker. Together they provide the 24 hour support and supervision they need.

How to Access

Young people can access our detox services on their own, through a friend, family member, MCFD, other youth serving agencies, their school or the police. To make a referral, simply contact us at: 604.708.2616.

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