Daughters & Sisters

Daughters & Sisters is a unique six-month residential treatment program that serves young women aged 12 to 18 whose substance use is problematic.

WHY we do it...

At Daughters & Sisters we strive to increase each youth’s self-esteem, physical and mental health; educational and vocational functioning and family and social functioning; and decrease their substance use, high-risk behaviours and involvement in criminal activities.

HOW we work...

The young women accessing Daughters & Sisters live with PLEA Family Caregivers in the community and participate in day, evening and weekend programming at our treatment centre in Surrey.

Where we do it...

We have homes throughout Metro Vancouver.

What We Do…

Programming is tailored to each youth’s individual strengths, needs and circumstances.  It includes individual and group counselling, parent-teen mediation, teacher-supervised education, addiction awareness learning and practical life-skills.  A range of social, arts, cultural and recreational activities are integral components of the program and take place in the community.  

A School District #36 teacher (Surrey) delivers the educational component.  

We follow a strengths-based and culturally sensitive approach to treatment, and emphasize social learning and solution focused interventions to help the youth build the skills and competencies they need to live safe, healthy lives. Our model is gender-specific, addressing the learning styles and developmental needs of young women. 

The young women accessing Daughters & Sisters live with PLEA Family Caregivers in the community.  On average two youth live in each home. The Family Caregivers are members of our treatment team who support and reinforce what the youth learn while they are at the centre. They are also trained to support youth through detox, stabilization and the treatment process. 

How to Access

We accept referrals from probation officers.  Access is province-wide. Young women must have a probation order that directs them to attend a full-time alcohol and drug treatment program. The order must be long enough to see them through the 6-month program and should be attached to the referral form.  We also accept private referrals from parents, social workers, community-based addiction counsellors and other professionals. Access is nationwide. Contact us at 604.541.1133 to make a private referral on a fee for service basis. 

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