Onyx is a free, confidential, voluntary support service for youth aged 13-18, of all genders and all orientations, who are, or are at risk of, being sexually exploited.

Why we do it...

Our aim is to educate youth about sexual exploitation and how to stay safe, while assisting them to leave their exploitative situation. Once they have done so we provide follow-up support for as long as it is needed.

How we work…

Onyx is a no barrier, fast-response service which is tailored to each youth’s strengths, needs and circumstances. Youth are encouraged to establish their own goals and to participate in developing their service and safety plans.

Where we do it...

We provide Onyx in
Vancouver: 604 708 2647
Tri-Cities: 604.708.2652
Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows:
604 476 2821

Any youth who live outside these areas will be put in contact with similar services local to them.

What we do…

We provide immediate one-to-one support to these youth. Whether they have made themselves known to us, or have been referred to us by someone else, our first step is always to reach out and make contact with them. Once contact is made and a positive relationship formed, we work with each youth to access practical resources relevant to their individual situation. These resources may include health services, counselling, detox, school and work programs. We can also help youth participate in recreational activities, enhance their life skills and find a safe place to live.

How to Access

Young people can access Onyx on their own, through a friend, family member, MCFD, other youth serving agencies, their school or the police.  To make a referral, simply contact Onyx in your area, call us toll free at 1 877 411 7532 or email [email protected]. Priority is given to youth who are in immediate danger, are pregnant, who lack basic needs or who have been referred to us by MCFD. Youth can re-access Onyx at any time, even if they didn’t complete their service plan during their previous involvement.

Onyx is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. We provide Onyx in partnership with our Children of the Street program, and with Family Services of Greater Vancouver.

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