Turnaround is a community-based, all-inclusive program (90 days in duration) that operates in family care settings.

Why we do it...

Our aim is to help youth develop the attitudes, skills and relationships they need for a future that doesn't include involvement in the court system.

How we work...

Our services are consistent with the requirements of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and support youth justice program principles including safety, rehabilitation and minimizing the use of custody.

Where we do it...

We have homes throughout the Lower Mainland. Access is within the Vancouver Coastal Region.

What we do…

We provide each youth with a safe, nurturing, staff-supported family home coupled with the one-to-one support of a youth worker. We also coordinate a wide variety of other resources to support each youth’s individual strengths, needs and circumstances.

These include:

  • medical
  • educational
  • psychological
  • counselling
  • cultural
  • recreational and vocational
  • life-skills

Youth are encouraged to establish their own goals and to participate in developing their service and safety plans that include their strengths, ideas, and interests, and are sensitive to their culture and life experiences.

Youth are also supported in maintaining their healthy connections with their family, other important people in their lives and their home community.

How to Access

Referrals are by probation officers only. The referral must be accompanied by a sentencing order. The order must be long enough to see them through the duration of the program. There are no other restrictions to access this program. To make a referral, simply complete the referral package available by calling 604 708 2630

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