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    About the Opportunity

    You will be working directly for our family caregivers who provide safe, nurturing and healthy family homes to youth and adults in need. Your role will be to provide short-term and/or overnight coverage in their home when they can’t be there.

    A Truly Unique Job

    Make A Difference:

    Help a youth or adult with their day-to-day needs, to be successful and to ‘see what’s possible’.

    Orientation Provided:

    We offer an extensive orientation process that ensures you are prepared and, when you are in the home, we will be on-call if ever you need us.

    Training Opportunities:

    In this role, you can also access additional training opportunities to further develop your skills in providing assistance to others in need.

    Flexible Work:

    Fit this role into your other commitments.

    Strong Team Culture:

    Become an integral part of a dedicated team that works to support youth and adults in need to grow and thrive.

    Competitive Pay:

    You’ll negotiate your rate of pay directly with our Family Caregivers. Hourly rates typically range between $5 and $20 per hour.

    Are you sure you are looking for me?

    We certainly are if you are:

    • over 21 years of age.
    • legally eligible to work in Canada.
    • able to provide three references.
    Can You Provide a Safe Home
    Rights of Person Served
    Rights of Person Served
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