We provide this service to the youth in our U-Turn program and to adults accessing our Specialized Residential Care services.

What we do...

We have a network of BC certified instructors who provide one-to-one academic support to those who need it.

Why we do it...

Our objectives for U-Learn are to better address participant learning needs and improve their educational outcomes. We have observed that the skills and abilities demonstrated by those who participate in U-Learn are not always measured in standardized educational assessments. We therefore make every effort to measure achievements and outcomes in a way that makes sense to them.

Where we do it...

We provide U-Learn throughout the Lower Mainland. Our instructors visit the youth and adults in their PLEA home.

How we work…

Our educational plans are tailored to each student in regards to the goals they wish to accomplish and the level that they are working at. As a result, all the students in U-Learn receive services for different reasons and lengths of time. Some are assisted in the short term to complete a particular course or program and then end their time with their tutor. Others have been with their instructors for three or more years and are happy to be always learning something new, even if it isn’t towards the completion of a formal program.

Courses are chosen carefully with individual needs in mind. Often there are modifications and adaptations made in order to meet each student’s ability. Most importantly, we strive to build a sense of confidence in each student in regards to their ability to master new concepts and to translate that confidence into other areas of their lives.

How to Access

U-Learn is provided as part of an individualized care plan that is funded by either the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD) or the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT). Professionals working for either of these two agencies are invited to contact the U-Learn Coordinator on 778 558 4518 for our rates and instructor availability

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