Children of the Street

Children of the Street offers children, parents, caregivers and service providers the information and practical tools they need to keep young people safe from all forms of sexual exploitation.

Who we are...

The Children of the Street team is a group of young, energetic, knowledgeable individuals who are skilled at connecting with their audience and passionate about this work.

Why we do it...

Our aim is to create a world where children and youth are safe from all forms of sexual exploitation.

How we work...

We approach the issue from all directions (advocacy, awareness, education and intervention) and offer support to all age groups (from 9-99).

What we do…

We provide young people with the knowledge and tools to keep themselves and their peers safe. We educate the community to be able to recognize and prevent child/youth sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  We do this by facilitating the following workshops:

TCO2 (Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Others) 
New workshops are created every school year covering a wide range of discussions on the topic of sexual exploitation. We talk about the warning signs of an exploitative relationship, online exploitation, peer-to-peer exploitation, the connection to gangs, recruitment tactics pimps use to manipulate victims, and much more! Participants are left with the knowledge and tools on how to recognize, report and help prevent exploitation in their community.  Designed for youth in grades 4-12.

Redefining Masculinity
Delivered as a candid conversation to youth about men’s accountability in sexual assault, consent, the societal cost of toxic forms of masculinity, sexual violence at post-secondary institutions and more.  Designed for youth in grades 7-12. 

Safer Space
This workshop takes a deeper dive into the world of online sexual exploitation providing youth with further information on how to keep themselves safe online.  Like TCO2, the content of the workshop is designed for youth in grades 4-12.  We also provide tailored workshops to adults who care for or work with young people.

ITCHA (It Can Happen to Anyone)
Designed to teach adults (parent groups, service providers, police officers, social workers, nurses, school staff) how to recognize, understand and prevent sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  We work with all levels of government for changes in legislation that will help protect young people and prevent further sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  We offer early intervention services to families and service providers who are concerned about a young person.  We assist them by providing non-judgmental support, resources and referral to local support and intervention services.

How to Access

To book one of our workshops, please email: [email protected]  or phone: 604 777 7510

You can use the same contact information to access our early intervention services.  For more information on our public awareness initiatives,
email: [email protected]

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