Holiday Head Start with KidStart

To the delight of children everywhere, the holiday season is upon us. It’s the time of the year we celebrate friendship, kindness, warmth and family.

At KidStart, we give the gift of mentorship. Last year we provided over 16,536 hours of mentoring to 164 young people across the region.

We want to continue the spirit of giving because the need continues to grow. On average, 6 children are referred to KidStart every month. The average wait time a child has to go through while we can find them a mentor is 299 days.

The number of children who need our help continues to grow every year and we don’t want those kids to have to wait any longer for a friend.

You can help make that wait time go down. With your support you can help us recruit, train and support the amazing volunteers to come together to change a child’s life.

When a child is matched, the impact is immense. In the words of one of our mentors, “The most beautiful part about it all is that I get to see a kid grow into her most authentic true self.”

Help keep those moments coming by donating today and supporting KidStart.