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Join Our Team And See What’s Possible!

Make a difference doing challenging, rewarding work.

We are recognized for providing effective services which have been tailored and refined during our more than 30 years of experience and are constantly reinforced with on-going professional development and learning opportunities.

You are highly motivated, thoughtful, enthusiastic, exercise good judgement and are experienced in one or more of a variety of disciplines such as youth justice, social work, child & youth care, counselling, nursing, addictions treatment and, possibly, looking for work you can do in your own home.


You may have had no contact with any of the above fields but are curious to explore them in order to make more informed decisions about your future.

You have found the right place!


We offer:  

  • Volunteer Mentoring
  • Opportunities for adults who wish to provide care in their family home
  • Student Practicums
  • Summer placements

Volunteer Mentoring

Volunteering is a wonderful way to connect with PLEA and explore the social services field.  If you are over 19, prepared to accept a young person unconditionally, gifted with common sense, a sense of fun and a positive attitude you can share the wonderful experience of helping a child or teen grow, thrive and connect with the community.  For more information go to:

Good Work in Your Own Home

A unique opportunity to earn an income while receiving professional training, gaining valuable experience and doing fulfilling work that will have a positive impact on the life of a young person or adult.   For more information, click here.

Student Practicums

Open to those enrolled at Douglas College, Simon Fraser University, the Native Education Centre, Sprott Shaw Community College, the University of Victoria or the University of British Columbia.  For more information email:

Summer Placements

Typically 4 to 6 weeks long.  Available with Vancouver Youth Justice, Addictions programs, the U-turn Residential Program, Folkstone Residential Program, and the Tri-Cities and Maple Ridge Youth Development programs.  For more information, email: