PLEA Connection with Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Event Date: 
December 17, 2014

We are proud to announce that PLEA’s Camila Jimenez is part of an innovative exhibition where she shares her knowledge of human trafficking at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Manitoba.

Camila says: “Human trafficking doesn't always mean forcing someone to cross a border. It’s a crime that can happen anywhere, even in our own communities. I know this because my job is helping young people exit exploitive situations. Human trafficking is hard to detect. That’s why education and awareness are important. So we can recognize the signs of people being trafficked and give them the chance to build a new life.”

To read more about Onyx (program for youth who are, or at risk of, being sexually exploited) and its partnership with the Ministry of Justice to provide work placements for youth, read our latest edition of Connections.