Our Vision

That everyone has the opportunity to have a good life and that everyone counts.

Our Mission

Through unique services tailored to individual strengths and needs, PLEA helps children, youth, adults and families who face significant challenges lead fulfilling lives within their communities.

They "...are highly dedicated and enthusiastic and serve with commitment, respect, compassion and dignity....They truly put the person served first, thus achieving quality and sustainable outcomes." *

Our Philosophy

Our work is based on four fundamental beliefs:

  • The powerful influence of relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect
  • The potential of each individual to learn, and their capacity to make choices that make sense to them
  • That there are significantly better outcomes from recognizing and building on the strengths of those we serve rather than focusing on their deficits and
  • In order to be successful our services must continue to be relevant, pragmatic and anchored in reality.

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